11 tips for saving money before your trip

1. Make a list

By far the most important thing is making a list of your expenses so you will get an insight on how much money you spend on  food, clothing, rent or mortgage and going out. If you make this list, you will surely be surprised about how much you spend on certain things.

2. Cut the costs

See if you can cut magazine subscriptions or that membership to a gym your never go to. Quit smoking, or sell the car and go to work on a bicycle or scooter like we did.

3. Food

Don’t eat out or order in as much. We know it’s easy and convenient but it’s also expensive. A lunch at work you can easily prepare yourself and a thermos is perfect for your coffee in the morning.

4. Invest your money

Once you have saved up some money, find a good way to invest it. Find the best interest rate or invest in short-term, low risk equity. 


Keep your goal in mind while you set aside the money you save, it’s for a good purpose and it helps to keep your mind to it. 


Once you have a departure date in mind don’t buy new clothing except for the things you really need on your trip. Also it saves money on parking your car in the city and having a lunch while you are shopping. You can only take a limited amount of clothes with you on your trip.

7. Buy

Don’t save on good items for the trip, like a good backpack, phone and camera. But not too expensive because what you take with you you need to keep safe. 

8.Piggy bank

Make a piggy bank for all the small money ( I know a lot of items are bought by card but still). 

9. Sell

Sell, sell everything you have,  books, games, from clothing to kitchen tools, we also sold both of our laptops and bought 2 smaller new ones instead.  

10. Limit

Set yourself a certain limit each month you can spend for presents, clothing and other stuff. Not a dollar more. The rest of the money you earn goes into your saving account. 

11. Stay at home

Don’t go out as much any more. The movie theater, the bar, the amusement park or vacation. All that fun stuff is costing a lot of money. When you will travel for a longer time there’s plenty of opportunity to go out, eat out or do fun stuff. Invite friends over for a movie night and make your own popcorn. 

Enjoy life

Don’t forget to enjoy the good things in life! A lot of things in life are free you just need to search for it. Being with friends and family while you still can, invite them over for a nice home cooked meal.  You are gonna miss that! 

Keep in mind that saving 5 euro/dollar doesn’t seem much at that time but in Asia you will get a decent meal or even a cheap room for that amount. 

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