Barbara and Maarten

Hi everybody,

A little more about us (Maarten & Barbara)
We’re a Dutch couple in their 30’s with a passion for traveling.
Our first trip together outside Europe was to Bali and we both still love the island.
For years we took about 3 to 4 trips a year, until Maarten’s 2014 new years resolution was to travel the world for an entire year. This meant quitting our jobs and telling our family goodbye. Barbara made a mountain out of the mole hill, but eventually we decided to go. 2015 was the year we started our trip in Sri Lanka. At first it felt just like a vacation and we treated our trip that way. Only when we took the plane to Thailand after that first month instead of going home, it really started to feel like traveling. We tried to stay in every country about 1 month to really get a good look around but for a lot of countries one month is not enough.

When we came back after the year-round trip Maarten said “I am burning my backpack because I am never ever doing this again”. He never burned his backpack and 4 years later we are at this point in our lives.

Burning backpack also refers to a situation that every backpacker/traveler knows. You arrive at a busstation and you are waiting for the bus that’s supposed to leave at 10 am. One hour later you are annoyed, you sit down on your backpack and eventually two hours later the bus finally leaves.

At that point you’ll probably think: ” Why are we doing this? When we get home we are burning our backpacks and never doing this again!” 

We are not people that collect border stamps. We have visited a fair share of countries, but we always try to travel in a slow pace.
In 2018 we decided to go for the real deal. We decided to sell our house, almost all of our belongings and hit the road. Selling our house took some time and finally in 2019 we hit the road.


I think it’s needless to say I have a passion for traveling. 

First trip was in 1996 to Poland with school and from that moment I was hooked on traveling abroad. 

I lived in France for 3 months on a campsite when I was 18 while working there. 

I love to be in nature, to see wildlife (especially snakes), to meet new people and exchanging stories. Getting in contact with other cultures intriges me.  

And I am a foody, I’ll try to eat everything.

On my bucketlist at this moment:

  • cagediving with white sharks
  • finding an anaconda in the wild 
  • Madagascar
  • sitting on the back of a motorcycle while going fast
  • sleeping in Burj al Arab hotel
  • Sleeping in an underwater hotel
  • sleeping in a tent on ice and driving on an iceroad
  • try muay thai fighting

Some more things you need to know about me: 

  • I don't like icecream (ok, sometimes I eat it)
  • I hate working out
  • I love to see wildlife especially snakes
  • I'm scared of spiders and dogs



My first trip far from home went to Gran Canaria (Island of Spain) and I was immediately sold on the nice warm weather.


On my bucketlist at this moment:

  • flying in a fighter jet
  • doing nothing
  • doing nothing
  • lying on the beach while doing nothing

Some more things you need to know about me: 

  • I love heavy metal
  • I love bodybuilding/fitness
  • I hate doing touristic stuff and waterfalls
  • I'm scared of walking on great heights without a railing.
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