Day 1-3  Skopje

The capital of Macedonia has a beautiful old town center and a brand new bombastic one. You can visit the Mother Theresa museum or the museum of Skopje. Visit Lake Matka if you have time.

Day 3-6   Ohrid

Ohrid is the lake side place to be in Macedonia. Go for a boat ride on the lake to visit Bay of Bones and Sv. Naum. Go to the huge fortress on top of the hill and visit old town. Go paragliding or jump in the lake for a swim. 

Day 6-8  Bitola

Bitola has a wonderful ancient Greek city and is very close to the Pelister National Park where you can hike. There’s a decent swimming pool and a very nice shopping street that is perfect for a cup of coffee. 

Day 8-10   Prilep

A visit to Marko’s towers is a must if you are in Prilep. You can also visit a couple of monastaries if you are here. The cosy city center is filled with sights to see like statues and a leaning tower.

Day 10-12   Krusevo

Visit this cute little village in the mountains to be a bit off the beaten track. Paragliding is a big thing here. In winter you can go skiing. There is a lake and the Ilinden monument, which is quite odd and will amaze you.

Day 12-14   Demir Kapija/Negotino

Wow, this was the highlight of our trip. Visit Demir Kapija for a walk in the gorge, see the railway tunnel and go in the cave. Negotino has a nice pool and there is a winery you can visit.

At the Vardar river Demir Kapija

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