Bar Ulcinj Podgorica


Ulcinj is a small town close to the border of Albania. This is a very pleasant village on the beach with nice restaurants and beaches. We got into this town by bus from Albania. This trip was very smooth and the border crossings were very easy. 


Of course we went to this town for the name 🙂 The town has a pretty long beach side with sun loungers and plenty of restaurants. We were unfortunately not very impressed by the city itself. Beside beaches and a couples of churches it has not much to offer. 


A small capital with not that many tall buildings so it doesn’t feel like a big city. In the city center there are some pleasant cafes to go for a drink. The whole city center is easily walkable and to our opinion you don’t need more than a whole day to see everything. We only stayed here for one night and that was enough. 

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