Berat is called the city of a 1000 windows. It is a medium sized city filled with medieval age buildings and houses. It’s blocked in by mountains from all sides. On the nearest mountain that is more of a hill you find the beautiful Berat castle overlooking the city. 

The castle is partly in ruins but there is still quite a lot upright so it is interesting to have a look around. The area of the castle is quite large and you can easily spend half a day wandering around. There are still people living within the castle walls. The entrance fee is only 100 lek. For us the most outstanding part of the castle was the cistern. Something we have never seen before. A cistern is a  reservoir room for holding or catching rainwater so you can use that later. Very beautiful to see with bats living inside. There is water in the cistern, but they don’t use that any more. Don’t miss this! 

In summer it can get very hot and crowded, but go to the castle at 7.00 am and you will be alone. 

Down in the city center there is a remarkably long pedestrian street that has a shady park on one site and an endless amount of cafes and restaurants on the other side.

If you stand near the river on the bridge and look up to the castle you will see why they call Berat the city of a 1000 windows. So many houses, so many windows it’s a very beautiful sight. The windows are relatively narrow so that’s is why one house sometimes has 6 windows in a row.

Things to do/ see

  • St. Michael’s Church (Kisha e Shën Mëhillit) but you are not able to go near the church because they bolded the gate solid.
  • Berat Castle (100 lek entrance fee)
  • Gorica bridge
  • the king mosque
  • Saint Demetrius Orthodox Cathedral
  • St. Spiridon's Orthodox Church

Where to sleep in Berat

A wonderful guesthouse run by a non-English speaking couple. Very clean, bathroom is not attached to the room but there are 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms in the house so that is fine. Shared kitchen is clean, not a lot of utensils but the free cold water makes up for that. 

At the time we were there we witnessed the family go out of their way to help a sick guest in the guesthouse. Very nice of them. Dhimitri’s guesthouse

2056 lek per night/ 2 persons. We stayed 3 nights. 

where 2 eat

Where to not to eat in Berat

We only ate out once at “Eni” restaurant. The meatballs we ordered were ok, but the french fries were not properly baked and very greasy.

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