We came here for the Pelister national Park. This is a very beautiful national park with large trees and rocky areas. The park is also home to mount Pelister. A 2600 meter high mountain you can climb. This is a very hard climb and only for the experienced climber/hikers. There are also two lakes you can hike up to. 

 Bitola has more to offer then only the national park. It has a Heraclea Lyncestis. The ruins of this Greek city can be found 2 km outside the city center. The walk up there is very nice too. There is a mosaic floor which they were working on while we were there. The entrance fee is only 120 denar. 

Bitola also has an olympic swimming pool with a slide. The slide wasn’t working while we were there and the entrance fee is a bit steep for Macedonia with 150 denars. But the pool was clean and it wasn’t crowded at all on a Sunday. There are not many chairs to sit and a lot of people are sitting on the concrete floor. 

how to get there

How to get to the Pelister National Park

There is no public transport to the National park. We slept all the way on the other side of Bitola so hitchhiking to the National park was not going to be easy. We decided to go by taxi. The hostel arranged one for us to pick us up at the hostel and drop us off at Hotel Molika. The price was 450 denar (7,25 euro) for one way. This trip took us 30 minutes to get there while it’s only 13 km in distance.

From there 2 hikes start. One is called the rocky trail (the one to the top) and the historical trail. The start of the hikes is not very well stated but when you stand in front of the hotel with the hotel at your back you need to go right. The rocky trail starts first and goes up the mountain. A bit further then you can turn left before the picknick tables for the historical trail. At the time we were there we first tried to go up on the rocky trail but the first part of the trail was completely overgrown with ferns and it was a steep climb up so we went back.  

The historical trail ended at the information center. To enter this center you need to pay an entrance fee of 20 denars. Not sure for what so we chose not to enter. 

From the center there is another trail. Trail to Golema Livada. We decided to hike up this a bit and stumbled upon a large rocky area with a nice picknick place next to a water fountain. We went back from there the same way. 

The national park has it’s own website that is very useful.  national park pelister


Where to sleep in Bitola

We slept in a hostel this time. We had a private 3 bed room with our own bathroom, shared kitchen and  a sitting area outside. Close to the citycenter, bus station, swimming pool and Heraclea. Very good bed but the kitchen is not always clean.  hostel domestika 

Costs: 1200 denar/night (19 euro) (4 nights)

where 2 eat

Where to eat in Bitola

We had only one lunch in the city center at the restaurant of Treff hotel. We had melted cheese and a club sandwich. Together with 2 drinks this lunch was 400 denars (6,40 euro). The food was plentiful and very tasty.


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