Blue Eye - Syri i Kaltër 

From Sarande or Ksamil you can visit Blue Eye or also called Syri i Kaltër. It is a very popular and when you arrive there you can see why. It’s a beautiful area and when the sun is shining the colors are stunning.   

This water spring bubbles up from at least 50 meters down. Divers haven’t been farther down because of the pressure. 

The entrance fee is only 50 lek for a person if you are on foot. With a car the fee is 200 lek. 

The greatest part about it is that you can jump into the water from a platform. Don’t get over excited because the temperature of the water is all year round 10 degrees Celsius so think twice before you jump in.  If you jump in you can let yourself float to a big tree on your left side and climb out there. Do wear shoes so you can hike back since there is a small rocky trail back to the platform form the tree. 

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how to get there

How to get to Blue Eye - Syri i Kaltër 

We started in Sarande and decided to try our luck with hithhiking. After some time a guy stopped and offered us a ride for 900 lek. We negotiated this down to 500 lek for 3 persons which was a little bit cheaper than going by bus. We got dropped of at the road from were you can walk to the entrance. The walk is 2 kilometers to the Blue Eye on a gravel road. 

You can also take a bus to Gjirokaster and ask the driver to drop you off at the starting point of the road. The bus is 300 lek. From the old ruins in Sarande there is a bus every hour to Gjirokaster in high season. Sometimes buses to Tirana will pass Blue Eye too so ask around. 

On the way back we got a ride from a German couple. 

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