Burgas is after Varna the second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. With it’s big industrial harbor and soviet-like residential areas there aren’t many tourist attractions at first glance. Tourist guides are quick to point at it’s closeby neighbor Nesebar for a day trip.  We however have took it upon ourselves to find the beauty in this city.

Our visit was in summer when there are many festivals revolving around food, music and dance. Those festivals are organised around the city promenade and beach. 

The many street musicians and sunny terraces make the city center a worthwhile place to have a stroll that leads to the big city park that lies parallel to the Burgas beach.  At the end of this city park/promenade you can find a golf cart that can drive you to the Pink lakes. For our full review about the Pink Lakes click here:    Pink lake Burgas/ Atanasovsko lake

Being situated on the Black Sea, Burgas offers an exellent chance to soak in the sun at the city beach.  Burgas may not be as developed as Sunny Beach, but you can still hire beach chairs and Ice-cream and a cold beer are never far away.

10 kilometers from the city center you can find Poda National Park which is a bird sanctuary and a protected nature reserve. The nature reserve is very small with only 1 sq km surface but you can find 290 species of the total 430 species of birds here.  Here you can find the link to the nature reserve :   Poda nature reserve

You can get here by bike from Burgas because there is a very good bike lane next to the highway.   We went here 2 times to find snakes. There are 4 species to find in this park and we found only one species but we saw 5 snakes in total. 

The entrance fee is only 5 leva (2,50 euro) and the park opens at 9.00 am. The park office is run by biologists and has a small cafe, shop and exhibit. Barbara went there around 8.15 am and she was lucky that there was someone available to open the gate so she could go to find snakes.  For the video of her snake catching adventure see her in action below:  



Where to sleep in Burgas

We booked an AirBnb outside the city center. We chose this one because it was cheaper and it came with the free use of bicycles. The bicycles were a huge plus for us. We could use those to go to the National Park and the Pink lakes. Being outside the city center of Burgas was a bit disappointing but you need to make choices sometimes. 

This appartment costs 32,50  leva per night. (17 euros)

acco in burgas bourgas interior
acco in burgas bourgas balcony
where 2 eat

Where not to eat in Burgas

Happy Bar and Grill Burgas (city center). This restaurant is part of a chain and looks very good and well-organised on the outside.  Our experience however was not a very good one.   Maarten ordered a hamburger that came completely rare on the inside and Barbara ordered a Chicken wrap.  The taste of the wrap was ok but the chicken barely touched the pan and it was served almost cold. Also the portion size was very small in contrast to many other places we had diner Bulgaria. For this reason we would not recommend this place but this is the only restaurant we went to in Burgas. 

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