El Bosque Tallado
Cerro Piltriquitron

El Bosque talledo is a beautiful area with a great view to El Bolson village. From the parking area it’s 1 kilometer up the mountain to reach the El Bosque Talledo. From there you can climb to the refugio were you need to register if you want to climb further up to the Cerro Piltriquitron. You can wander around the refugio and in November you can still find snow there. 

The hike to Piltriquitron is strenuous with 4.6 kilometers up from the parking area and gaining almost a 1000 meters is height. This takes more then 3,5 hours so be prepared or sleep in the refugio. 

how to get there

How to get to El Bosque Tallado and Cerro Piltriquitron

There is no public transport going to the start of the hike. From the ruta 40 to the parking is 9 kilometers up on a gravel road.

The best option is your own car that is preferably a 4×4. If you don’t have you own car you can hitchhike to the parking like we did or you can try to arrange the taxi service (see photo). At the time we were there they didn’t have at least 5 people so they didn’t go. We hitchhiked our way up and down. 

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How much does El Bosque Tallado and Cerro Piltriquitron cost

The hike to the El bosque tallado and the cerro Piltriquitron is free. If you want to see the wood sculptures you need to pay and entrance fee of 100 pesos per person. 

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