As the name suggest, this town started out as just a strategically located castle. The beautiful mountainous surroundings compliment the town and together with the castle, Gjirokaster is now a “must visit” in Albania. 

A small village located in a valley between two mountains. The village itself is build up on the hill so be prepared to hike up and down. 

The castle is really worth the hike up. It also holds a nice museum and a military museum where you can see a lot of weapons and even hold a couple of them. Very cool for kids too. 

There is also an Ethnographic museum you can visit in an old fortified house. 

Zekate house is a fortified house built in Ottoman style in the 18th century by a very wealthy family called Zekate. 


Where to sleep in Gjirokaster

We slept in a guesthouse. Because Barbara’s brother joined us on our trip we booked a 4 bed apartment with one separate bedroom. Guest house garden

It has no working kitchen only a water cooker. Located halfway on the hill so be prepared for some walking up and down.

Costs 2317 Lek (19 euro) per night for 3 persons. 

Goranxi Church hike

We headed out to one of the villages called Gorinxi to go hiking in the mountains. We found a beautiful abandoned church, but the hike up was tough since it was 33 degrees Celsius outside. The hike was worth it. The church was very beautiful and the path was clearly visible since the path is used by a tractor as well. At the end you need to look for the cross. You can see cattle and goats here too. 

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