Korçë or Korça is a city built at 850 meter above sea level. The average temperature here is a bit lower, which is very welcome during the hot summer months. 

We visited the national museum of Medieval art. Normally we don’t visit a lot of museums,  but we read that this one was a special one with a lot of icons and cultural items. The entrance fee is 700 lek (a bit steep for what you get),  but it’s a nice museum. Unfortunately you are not able to see all the items from closeby, because there are a lot of items on the wall up to the ceiling so you can only see them from a distance. The other items you can really study and according to us they lived in a violent time during those times. Items really represent a lot of killing and torturing people. 

Of course we couldn’t miss out on the biggest brewery in Albania. Korca’s Brewery! When we visited the brewery we understood that there was a tour every hour. We had to wait for over half an hour so we decided to get a beer. We sat down at a table and the waiter came up to us after some time and told us that some guys from another table wanted to offer us a beer. Hmm, a bit strange but hey, who is refusing a free beer. After we drank the beer Maarten went over to the guys and shook their hands and thanked them for the beer. They found that very amusing. 

We visited Old bazaar which is totally renovated now. We still saw some remains of the biggest beer festival in the country that we missed out on in Old bazaar. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants. We were there during the day, so it was very quiet. 

In the city center you can go for a climb into the red tower to see the sunset over the mountains. The entrance fee is only 50 lek (0,40 eurocent). 


Where to sleep in Korce

This time was a bit different. We slept in a tent. We noticed that in Albania a lot of places offer a tent. Since we like camping and the fact that it is 33 degrees Celsius outside during the day we decided to go for it. We found a place on booking. After some confusion about a tent being provided or just a camp site, the hostel could rent us a tent. We decide take the offer and slept here for 2 nights. Since we booked directly at the hostel we got a small discount. Aurore, the hostel owner prepares a delicious breakfast. 

Stars of the sunrise hostel Korce. Link is to her own website Star of the sunrise hostel

Costs 1450 Lek (12 euro) per night for 2 including bedding and renting the tent. 

where 2 eat

Where to eat in Korce

We ate a couple of times at La Creperie. A place with very very good crepes (try the one with caramel). You can also get a fresh sandwich or a salad here. 

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