According to Tripadvisor there is almost nothing to do in Krushevo so why did we go here?

If the price is right we go there. We found a rather cheap Airbnb so we booked it. Macedonia in summer can get really hot with temperatures over 35 degrees celcius. Not in Krushevo though, because it is the highest town in Macedonia located at 1350 meter above sea level thus much cooler than the rest of Macedonia. 

The town is home to the Makedonium monument that is dedicated to the Ilinden uprising and the Krusevo Republic. There are some museums you can go to about the Ilinden uprising.

There is a lake that you can swim in, but when we talked to the locals they said that it is not safe to swim in because of the whirlpools. We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary but we didn’t go for a swim.

Krusevo is also very known for it’s paragliding. People from all over the world come here to jump of the mountains. 

In Krusevo and surroundings they grow a lot of tobacco. Once there was a tobacco factory in Krusevo but that is closed now. In season you can see the tobacco leaves hanging to dry all around town. 

When we were in Krusevo, we were lucky enough that there was an event. We saw that they had built a stage and we saw a sign that the performance started at 9 pm. At first, people were playing some drums but nothing special. After that came a cover band which played mostly Macedonian songs, we didn’t know any of the songs but the crowd loved it. After that there was a nice band that played rock music so Maarten was totally happy. We also met some  locals and had a couple of drinks with them. We learned a lot about Macedonia.

There is also a ski lift so you can go here for winter sports. In summer this lift is not working. 

All in all we really loved Krusevo, because it is a small town everybody seems to know each other and there is a relaxed atmosphere. 



Where to sleep in Krushevo

We slept in an Airbnb. We had the whole apartment to ourselves but this is because there were no other guests.  It was ok for the price but Wifi was too slow. And the place was not totally finished yet (we were the first guests).  It is called “The post office” and we had the white room.

Costs: 950 denar/night (15 euro)


where 2 eat

Where to eat in Krusevo

There are a couple of restaurants in Krusevo that are very good. 

Shape: we had melted cheese ( 200 denar /3,60 euro) and a pizza. The cheese pot was amazing! It’s 2 different kinds of cheeses with tomatoes and bread. The pizza was good. 

Skar: the taro salad wasn’t special but we had lasagna here before and that was very good. Also the cheesecake (60 denar) with hot chocolat (real melted chocolate) (60 denar) was very good.

Roma: Chicken with cheese and bacon inside. Well prepared dish with a good flavour. 


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