Macedonia, македонија

Macedonia is a relatively small country with Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo and Serbia as it’s neighbors. Economically it is a mix of all those countries. But it’s not as developed as Bulgaria and it doesn’t have the unemployment rates of Albania. 

Because Macedonia is completely landlocked there is a strong focus for tourism on Ohrid Lake and Prespa Lake with the city of Ohrid being the touristic capital of the country. 

However Macedonia has so much more to offer! 

Macedonian cuisine is still somewhat post Sovjet which means there are some poor mans dishes with organ meat mixed with the new influences of fast food like pizza and hamburgers. They have freshly baked bread and Burek (a pastry dish with spinach, cheese or meat inside).

The low population of Macedonia results in very much unspoiled nature. 

Costs of accommodation as in the rest of the Balkans is quite affordable. For as little as 20 euro a night you can get a fully furnished apartment.

After a dispute with Greece about the name Macedonia the government recently changed the name of the country to: North Macedonia. Alternatively  the country is referred to as FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) much to the disliking of the Macedonian people who now have to spend money to change license plates, documents and passport. 

Like in other Balkan countries Macedonian people are very welcoming and friendly.

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