A week in Marrakech

We make a lot of backpack trips, but every once in a while we spoil ourselves with a bit of luxury. We decided to take a trip to a 4 star hotel in Marrakech with an all inclusive formula. The hotel has only opened since March 2018 so it’s almost brand new. The temperature was around 17 degrees Celsius when we arrived so not very good for a lazy sunbathing vacation. The second day we deciced to go to the city center of Marrakech. We saw a local market with food, snake charmers and a guy with a monkey. The last two are regular sightings in Marrakech. They offer you to hold a snake or the monkey and then have you take a picture with them. Afterwards they ask (demand) money for this service. We have heard they are pretty aggressive. We didn’t experience that, but Barbara took a picture from a great distance and still the snake charmer caught me taking the picture, came running over and demanded money. We said “no” and walked away. That was the end of that, but we heard some people felt threatened and paid the money. They tried to demand ridiculous prices for a picture like 100-150 dirhams (10-15 euro). This is way too much. If you feel like paying for the picture 10-20 dirham is enough. This is 1-2 euro.

Cobra Marrakech snakes
Herbs market Marrakech
Local market Marrakech women buying food

Barbara’s brother came to Morocco too and we decided to visit Ourika valley and the Setti Fatma Waterfalls. On the map below you can find the exact location of the busstation. At this small busstation you can find a big bus to Ourika for 10 dirham. This takes about one hour. Get out at the crossing marked on the map. Walk a bit up the road that goes into the mountains and wait. On this road there will be passing by small minivan busses that can take you to Setti Fatma Waterfalls. Just wave at this bus and it will stop. This busride is also 10 dirham each. When you get out, you walk a litte bit up the hill untill you see a lot of restaurants and the wooden bridge as on the picture.

Let’s be clear that you don’t need a guide to do this hike! A clear sign that indicates the start of the walk has been removed. Very likely to tempt you to take one of the many guides that actually reveal te start of the walk by their abundant presence. Cross this “bridge” and walk up following the white arrows. The route up to the falls is pretty clear. Sometimes you have to look a little bit around to find which way up is the best. Usually there will be people that you can follow. 

For the way back to Marrakech we made the mistake not to take the bus back to Ourika that left immediately but we wanted to wait for the bus straight to Marrakech. We waited almost one hour… A waist of time! If there is a bus leaving for Ourika get that one. Get out at the same crossing you got in when going towards the waterfalls, walk a bit down the busy street. There will be a bus stop for a bus will take you to Marrakech center. 

Bridge crossing to Setti Fatma waterfalls
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