Nessebar (Old Town)

We moved from Sunny beach to Nessebar. Nessebar (Old Town) is a historic small village built on a peninsula in the Black sea. It was built in the 6th century BC and is on the Unesco World Heritage list. 

Built by the Greek and later part of the Roman empire, the town has a lot of ancient buildings and more than 10 churches. 

The houses have a lower floor that is made of stone and a first floor is made of wood. Most of those houses are well kept. 

Even though it’s very close to Sunny beach there is a completely different atmosphere. Shops and bars are smaller and cheaper. 

The appeal of cultural history attracts a lot of day tourists from surrounding cities. 

If and when you get bored there are some nice beaches to spend the rest of the day in Nessebar.  Also there are many restaurants which are built on elevation with breath taking views of the ocean. 

For the best experience you should plan your visit early in the morning because the streets can get very crowded with tourists and guided tours. 

Bus 1  can take you from Sunny beach to Nessebar and vice versa. 

Bus 22 is the bus connection between Nessebar to Burgas.


Where to sleep in Nessebar

Guesthouse Ofilovi: good strong WiFi, very good and hot shower, kitchen that you can use and some places to sit outside. When we were here they had a turtle and 3 young cats. The downside of the cats was that they went inside our room when we left the door open, went inside the kitchen and came to beg for food when we had lunch.  It’s located in the center of New Nessebar.

This guesthouse costs 135 leva for 5 nights (27 leva per night, 13,50 euro per night). 

where 2 eat

Where to eat in Nessebar

White Rose: budget prices but certainly no budget quality. An almost fancy looking interior and meals that are plentiful and tasty. In the high season you need to make a reservation or be early (like around 6 pm) to avoid having to wait for a spot in this restaurant. Lasagna 8 leva, Caesar salad 6 leva.
Vodapada: budget tot midrange prices. Very nice pork Kavarma stew pot (8 leva, 4 euro) and freshly home baked chips. (3 leva).

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