Perito Moreno

When people talk about glacier our guess is that they always mean the Perito Moreno glacier! And that is what you should talk about. When you will see pictures of this glacier you think that looks pretty amazing, but when you see the glacier with your own eyes you can’t believe it. 

The glacier is about 5 kilometers wide and the height varies from 40-70 meter. The colors are amazing and when there is ice/snow breaking of and falling in the water people are all excited. 


how to get there

How to get to Perito Moreno

There is no public transport to the glacier. Caltur is one of the bus companies that will take people up to the glacier twice a day at 09.00 am and 13.00 pm. The return bus ticket is even more expensive then the entrance of the park at a hefty fee of 1000 peso (15 euro) per person. The trip will take about 90 minutes. 

You can get here by car easily but from El Calafate is about 80 kilometer. 

We decided to try our luck hitchhiking and we succeeded again. 

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How much does Perito Moreno cost

The entrance fee of the National Park is 800 peso (12,50 euro) for foreigners and 400 peso for nationals. 

You can pay the entrance fee by creditcard now!!!

You can take a boat tour for 1000 pesos at the entrance of the park (first parking). The boat leaves 5 times a day starting at 10.30 am. 

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