Pink Lakes Burgas - Lake Atanasovsko

Pink lakes burgas / Lake Atanasovsko

A pink lake you say? Yes, it’s a pink lake!  The pink color is all natural as a result of very small brine shrimp that live in the salty water.

You can find these pink lakes in the northern part of Burgas as a part of the Atanasovsko Lake. This is a very big coastal hypersaline lake. The lake itself is since 1906 good for a salt production over 40.000 tons each year. The lake is almost 9 km long and over 4 km wide. The northern part of the lakes are a nature reserve since 1980 and the lake is separated into two parts by a road between Burgas and Varna.

It’s famous for the huge amount of birds that live, nest of migrate here (70% of the birds from Bulgaria can be found here). There are also over 200 species of plants present in the area. 

The lakes are shaped into different sizes by canals, embankments and dykes. The water in the lakes is only 30 cm deep.

How does it work

When you arrive at the lakes the first thing you do is to lay down in the lye water. That doesn’t sound attractive right? But the lye water is actually very good for your skin. The water is recommended for arthoroses, arthritis and tendonitis. They use the lye water also for skin sores, varicose veins and colds. Because of the high concentration of salt in the water you can float in it. To avoid to much pressure on your heart you can only be in the water for 20-30 minutes.

Then the fun part starts by applying the mud. You can usually find a bucket there to fill up with the mud that you can find at the entrance. 

The therapeutic mud is pure and homogeneous, black in color and smells of hydrogen sulfide due to the many decaying microorganisms (so yes it smells bad). It contains inorganic ingredients like silica, gypsum, sand, iron and aluminum compounds, hydroxides and salt. This composition was formed by millenia of decay of single-celled organisms, algae, mussels, crabs and fish. It takes about one year to form one centimeter of mud. (this is what the sign tells us). 

When you’ve applied the mud you need to wait until the mud is completely dry. After that you can wash the mud off in the ocean. This is only 100 meters away from the lake. Use flip flops while walking on the board walk.

After this whole adventure your skin feels so soft.

Best time to visit the lakes is around noon or a little bit later because then the water has the best pink color. 

You can take a shower if you want to, but only after you washed off all the mud in the ocean. It costs 50 stotinki for 2 minutes. 

You can also take a massage there. The costs of that are 20 leva for 20 minutes. 

How much does it cost

Unfortunately the “spa” center in Burgas of laying down in the water and applying the mud isn’t free any more. The admission fee is now 2 leva (1 euro). Free of charge for children under 7 but not recommended for children under the age of 12. 

You can only pay with coins (50 stotinki, 1 of  2 leva) in a machine with a coin operated access door (see photo).

How to get there

You can go here by bicycle or walk up there (see photo for the exact entrance point). There is a very good biking lane from Burgas city center along the sea to the lakes. There is also a golf cart (Eco Bus) that can drive you up there from the Fiesta restaurant. 

Of course you can also get here by car. You can take the exit as you are coming from Burgas called Solnitsi (Солници) near the airport before the quarter of Sarafovo. There are  paid parking spots up there for 1 leva an hour.  

What to bring

  • Bikini or swimshorts
  • Sunglasses and a hat
  • Water for drinking but also for washing your hands after getting out of the salty water and applying the mud
  • Sunscreen for after the mudbad
  • Flip-flops because the board walk gets hot and sometimes has some wooden splinters
  • Towel
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