The beautiful thing about traveling is the increased likelyhood of meeting new and interesting people.

Our first encounter in Prilep was with the host of our guest house Hristijan.

This intelligent man quickly laid out all the possible attractions in Prilep and proved to be inspiring in conversation about life in the Balkans and in general.

Upon his advice we went to visit Markos towers. In the oddly shaped mountains overlooking Prilep are the remnants of a 13th century fortress built under the rule of king Marko. Even though he was the last to rule Macedonia before the 500 year rule of the Ottoman empire, much of the fortress and towers are still standing strong.

The walk up the mountain towards the fortress is very scenic with unobstructed 360° views of the surroundings. On top you can see the entire town of Prilep and Krusevo.

After this hike we cool down in Salida aquapark, Prilep’s swimming pool that has 5 water slides. The pool is more of a swimming pool than an aquapark, but for the admission price of less than 2€, who can complain?

The next day we visited the city market. After some shopping for fruit and vegetables we were still short of some Rakia.

Informing about the availability of Rakia, we quickly found us befriending “Milan”. A friendly market vendor that sold both the clear and “golden” Rakia. 


Where to sleep in Prilep

If you are not tempted by the prospect of hiking or going to a swimming pool,  Antika guesthouse alone can be a reason to visit Prilep.

This guesthouse is run by intelligent Hristijan and his father. In a rustic building that has been in the family for 4 generations. The antique theme is really given credit to by the owners efforts of keeping/making the house in the traditional style with classic details like the hand painted walls and a standing clock. The turn dial phone in the hall doesn’t work but all communication with the owners is perfect due to his flawless English. He is still working on the house and constantly making improvements.  

Hristijan had a lot of information about the area. Guest House Antika

Costs: 908 denar/night (15 euro) (3 nights) We had a great genius deal on Booking. 

where 2 eat

Where to eat in Prilep

On suggestion of our guesthouse we ate at Kermes. It’s located in front of the aquapark. 

We had a nice cold beer and pork steak with french fries for Maarten and chicken roll with cheese and bacon with Coca Cola for Barbara. We ordered the french fries as a side dish but that was a bit too much. Also it was cheap in total 510 denars (8,28 euro). The only downside is that they charge you garnish for 30 denar per person. 


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