Saving money on your trip


Search for different creditcard possibilities. We have a Revolut creditcard and a Mastercard at our own bank.  

Check how much it costs to take money from the ATM. Often you pay per withdrawl so taking more money at once is smart.

Keep track of your expenses with an app or use pen and paper.

Set yourself a budget per day and stick to that. Of course sometimes you spend more but you can compensate this on another day. 

Always negotiate on the price before you buy something, take a tour or get in a taxi. Depending on your skills and the where you are prices can come down more then 50%. Trust me, it get’s easier and you will get better. 


Buy a small water boiler and boil your own tapwater. You can make coffee, tea or noodles. We bought one during our first trip and boiled our own water for 2,5 months but also a lot of eggs and noodles (also noodles for breakfast is great).  

Eat streetfood! Very cheap and often great food and a fun experience.  

Go to a local supermarket to prepare your own lunch. 

A local market is perfect to buy fresh and cheap fruits. 

Drink water, it’s cheap and good for your body.


If your traveling with your partner or a friend search for the cheapest option for a place to sleep. Especially in Asia a private room is often cheaper then two hostel beds. So you have your own bathroom, more privacy and sometimes even breakfast. 

Ask discount if you stay more than 2 nights. Travel slow and stay longer in one place for bigger discounts. Guesthouses are happy to offer a lower price if they know you will stay a longer time.  

Try Couchsurfing or AirBnB for a cheaper/free place to stay. Or like we often did, walk around in the city center and go to a hotel or guesthouse and ask if they have a room available. You can find the cheaper places that are not advertising on Booking or other expensive websites. 


Share a taxi from the airport to the city center with other travelers. 

Travel by bus, train or hitchhike. Planes are mostly more expensive and less frequent. 

Walk everywhere! It’s cheap, easy and good for your health!

Don’t go on expensive tours. Do it yourself or find other persons to share the costs, grab a bike of rent a tuk-tuk/taxi. Often way more fun and you can stop anywhere you want. Eat in cheaper places during your “tour”. Hostels are great places to find other travelers. 


Travel in low season. 

Some cities offer free tours. Very cool and a lot of information about a city of country (a tip in the end is highly recommended).

Wash your own clothes. We brought washing gel from Holland and later we bought washing powder to do laundry. Or wash your socks and underwear while you are in the shower. Do keep in mind that washing your clothes by hand makes them wear out quicker than washing them in the washing machine. 

If you need/want to fly do this on Tuesday or another weekday. Often cheaper than in a weekend. 

Always carry some painkillers. Once in Panama we paid 10 dollar for 4 painkillers because we ran out. 

Ladies only

Buy a bra stash. You can keep your creditcard, an extra ATM card and spare money in it. Put it in a very small ziplock bag! 

Buy a menstrual cup! Cheap, easy and comfortable. It also helps a lot that you don’t need to search for tampons or sanitary napkins. If you don’t use the cup make sure you know where to buy tampons or bring your own. In Asia for example tampons aren’t cheap and not always available.

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