saying goodbye

Saying goodbye

How do you tell your family and friends that you are leaving everything behind and will start traveling with destination unknown?

Telling your parents again that you are going away but this time you can’t tell them for how long and if you’ll ever come back to live in the Netherlands. Not being able to be present at birthdays, Christmas or other parties. Or just come over for lunch or a coffee.

No more shoppingtrips with my sisters, no more high tea with my best girlfriend, no more dinnerdates with my other best girlfriend and her kids and boyfriend, no more music parties or fridaynight diners and drinking with my brother and so on. I realise that’s the price I will pay for going on this adventure. Not that it’s gonna be easy for me to say goodbye to my family and friends. 

This time we decided to show them what our plans were. On our trip to Bali in 2018 and in our home town we recorded a few short movies. Maarten made a great movie of all the material we had, added some photos and surprised our family and friends. Click here to see the movie in Youtube Burning backpack premiere

At first people where staring at the screen, is this for real and then came the questions, like how, what and when. All of those questions we could not answer at that moment. We had no idea, we decided to make plans when we sold our house!

We put our house up for sale in October 2018 and the waiting started. We wanted to sell our house at the highest price possible and this took longer then we expected. Finally in March 2019 we got a serious offer on our house and we agreed that we would transfer the keys of our house in June 2019. 

We feel very blessed because our family is very supporting about our plans. A lot of them including most of our best friends told us that they expected this. Of course we are going to miss everybody, but we felt kind of relieved that they were/are very supporting. 

written by Barbara

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