Travel stories good and bad

Traveling is a book on it's own

Everybody who travels regularly knows that traveling is fun, exciting and enjoyable but sometimes complicated, stressful and difficult.

We would like to share some stories from all the travels we made since 2006.

Good :

-Getting a ride in Taiwan while it was raining and we were waiting for the bus, when we got out we even got an umbrella.

-Not able to find our prebooked hostel in China at midnight and a guy finally took us deep into a residential area before finding it. Without his help we would have never found it.

-Hitchhiked succesfully multiple times in Georgia with 5 persons at once.

-racing in a tuktuk in Sri-Lanka to get the train and we made the train 15 seconds before the train left.

-got a ride from a couple of Chinese  tourists in the mountains near Dunhuang and afterwards we got treated to an overwhelming diner.

-at least 15 times being able to hitchhike from one place to another.



-In Sri Lanka the ceiling of our room collapsed, we were both lucky enough to get out before we could get hurt.

-While sleeping in a room in Dalaguete (Philippines) somebody tried to get into to the room through the window and grabbed Maarten’s leg. 

-In Nusa Penida (Indonesia) we fell down with a motor scooter. Maarten’s foot got hurt bad.

-Barbara ate something wrong in Malaysia (we think). The next day her whole body was covered with red, itchy bumps. We had to go to a “hospital” that didn’t seem very clean and she got cream and antibiotics for it (three days later the bumps were gone).

-Maarten got a very bad flu with even throwing up blood and we needed to go to a hospital in Cambodia. When we arrived at the hospital Maarten told Barbara he felt better already and he was not going to stay there. It didn’t seem clean at all and there were no doctor’s available only some 17 year old kids watching a movie. Luckily with white rice and water he got better after a couple of days.

-Maarten got bitten by mosquito’s in Thailand but got such a bad infection with a bacterium. The wound didn’t close up for 1 month and he had to go to the doctor for an antibiotics cure in Holland.

-Barbara left her phone in a taxi in Bali, she never found it back. The phone had no password (we know very, very stupid) and a 32 GB SD card with a lot of information, photo’s and other important stuff on it. Luckily we never got into trouble because of it but it was a hard lesson.

-We almost drove a rental car of a cliff in Zakynthos (Greece) because we thought that our car was suitable for a steep gravel road downhill. Going down was scary but going up the car lost his grip and we near drove off the road. 

-Almost ran out of gas in the mountains in Gran Canaria (Spain) because we miscalculated how much more gas you use in the mountains. 

-They tried to scam us 4 different times in Theth (Albania). 


Now it looks like we have gotten more bad experiences than good ones. Of course that’s not true! 

Bad stories you maybe remember for a longer time then good ones but overall we are lucky. 

We have never been robbed, had anything stolen from us,  had been in a car accident or had been hospitalized in all of our trips. 

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