Year round trip costs 2015

Year round trip costs 2015

Surprisingly not a lot of people asked us straight to our faces how much our trip around the world had cost and how we could afford it, but we know a lot of people are curious and we are willing to share. In particular because we found it very hard to find this information ourselves and we hope that by sharing our experience and information, we can help others with their plans. 

You can find the pdf file here pdf round trip 2015 costs

We still owned a house when we left for the trip in 2015 and we didn’t want to rent it out so we also had those expenses as well. We saved up the money and paid this trip from our savings. 

You need to realise that sometimes we were on a strict budget and had very simple breakfast and lunch (plain white bread with jam). We bought a water cooker to boil tap water to save money on bottled water. With that watercooker we could also boil eggs and prepare cup noodles. For diner we ate out while in Asia because that’s actually cheaper and easier than preparing it for ourselves. 

In Asia we tried to stick to a budget of 50 euros a day (food, hotel, tours, travel but no airline tickets) and for Australia we spent up to 78 euros a day. Some days we splurged on a small plane tour over the Great Barrier Reef or went whale watching. In Bangkok we happily spent 35 euros per night on an awesome hotel with a rooftop swimming pool, a gym and a wonderful breakfast when at the same time we chose to boil our own water in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand to cut costs.

You can only spend your money once, so think carefully when spending it. We never had any doubt on spending 400 euros (2 persons) for the small plane over the Great Barrier Reef. At times we have been too focused on budget and skipped on a having high tea at “the Grand” hotel in Sri Lanka, because we found that too expensive even though it was only 8 euros per person. O.k., we regretted that later but you need to make choices in life.

For example, Maarten prefers to spend a little extra for a nice room while Barbara prefers to spend more on food or eating out. We compromised on both sides. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. In the Phillippines we couldn’t find a room in a village later in the evening under 25 euros, so we took it and we had bread for diner.

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